Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked Questions

Does WMT have an effective system in place to manage and balance risks and opportunity cost?

WMT manage it risk through technical and fundamentals analysis by establishing accurate position size, setting stop losses, and risk management guide for controlling emotion on; when to enter or exit a position.

What do you need to get registered with WMT?

You simply need  to register on Discord mobile or desktop app and follow this Link to get access to our trading channels.

What type of signals do WMT provided?

Yes we post Spot Trading Signals, Futures Trading Signals and long term investments tokens or coins

How Daily Challenge of WMT works

We make daily challenge targeting $200 profit everyday.

What method of payment do WMT accept?

We accept both cryptocurrency and fiat

How do I maximize profits through WMT?

You can get ceaseless profit on whale move traders (WMT) using consistent trading strategies and quality crypto signals. As a subscriber of WMT you need to use the guides provided without breaking the asserted limit.

What do i need to be a successful trader in WMT?

By staying disciplined, taking profit and compounding your gains, you can easily grow your portfolio.

How much do you need to start trading?

You do not require a lot of capital to trade. $50 is enough for starters

How much is the subscription fees?

We have 2 premium plans to serve everyone better. Check the payment page for descriptions, prices for each plan and details.